Make healthier kale chips!

Make healthier kale chipsIf you haven’t tried kale chips it’s time to do so now. Here is an easy kale chips recipe. This is also what the raw vegan eat as their Friday chips. 🙂

Salt (sea salt, Himalayan or regular)

Here’s how
Cut the leaves from the thick stems in the middle. If the kale is not organic, wash the leaves well. Although, you should wash them even if they are organic. You don’t want to eat dirt or bugs or do ya? 😉
“Massage” the kale with your choice of oil (avocado oil, olive, coconut etcetera) making sure all of them are oily. Spread out on baking sheet (they should not be on top of 
each other) and put in the oven at about 180 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes – or so. Or – if you want them raw – at 42 degrees Celsius for about 4-6 hours.

You can season the kale chips with whatever spices you are in the mood for. Like for example cayenne pepper, pepper, chili explosion (Santa Maria), paprika, garlic powder (or fresh), chili, chapotle, curry, mexican spice mix, cajun mix etcetera. Although keeping it simple with only salt is my personal favourite.

Smart tip!
Don’t use too much salt. It will make the chips taste yucky!
And – make sure to watch the chips carefully since they burn really easily. A good advice is to start with half and once you have gotten a little bit more experience 😉 you do the rest.

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Juice up! Enjoy an orange green juice

Carrot apple celery ginger juice

Really good green (orange) juice. Try it!

I just treated my mom to something she thought was really tasty. Yeah – and so did I.
I think I am going to have another one – right now!


Or – just do apple, carrot and ginger. So healthy, so refreshing, SO yummy! 🙂

I always use my juice-extractor.


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Raw vegan marble pineapple raspberry “cheesecake”

Raw vegan pineapple raspberry zucchini "cheesecake" on a nutty chocolate brownie baseRaw vegan pineapple raspberry zucchini "cheesecake" on a nutty chocolate brownie base

Raw vegan pineapple raspberry zucchini "cheesecake" on a nutty chocolate brownie base      Raw vegan pineapple raspberry zucchini "cheesecake" on a nutty chocolate brownie base
This is a good and highly nutritional cake. Raw, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free. I hope you like it as much as I do!

2,5 deciliter nuts (I used 1 dl walnuts, 1/2 dl hazelnuts and 1 dl almonds)
2 deciliter ground oats
2,5 deciliter pitted dates (instead of dates you can do 1/3 dl Agave/raw honey and 2 tbsp coconut oil)
5-6 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp Himalayan salt (don’t be shy – the salt DOES the chocolate cake)
1/2 tsp pure vanilla powder (extract works too)
2 tbsp water (or as much as you need for the consistency you want)

Want to vary the crust?
…vary the crust by adding things like pumpkin seeds, shredded coconut (or flakes), cranberry, lime juice etcetera. Or you can do more or less cacao powder, half dates half Agave etcetera.

Here’s how
Put nuts in the food processor, just to make them crumbly (I usually don’t make them smaller than just crumb size but blend for longer to make it more like nut flour if you want to).
Add the rest and mix well.
Place in a pan. Use a spatula to even it out and then let chill in the fridge or freezer while you make the filling. (I usually do freezer.)

“Cheesecake” filling
3 dl raw cashews, soaked for minimum an hour (I have sometimes happened to soak mine for over 24 hours and that works too)
1,5-2 dl organic zucchini, peeled and chopped
2-10 tablespoons juice from organic lemon (to taste. I did like 9)
half a ripe pineapple, peeled and chopped (or you can do 1,5-2 ripe mangos – or other fruit)
1-1,5 dl raspberries (I used frozen)
2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
1/2 deciliter Agave (for strict vegans) or raw honey or maple syrup
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt
Splash of turmeric

Here’s how
Throw all ingredients – except raspberries – into a high speed blender. (Note: A food processor will have a hard time making the filling smooth enough.)
Blend until silky smooth, then pour everything but 1 dl over the chocolate crust. Use a spatula to make sure it is as even and smooth as possible. Put aside.
Add the raspberries to the 1 dl filling you still have left in your blender and mix until smooth. (The pink colour will be clearer if you haven’t yet added the turmeric to the this part of the filling – however I usually don’t care so much).

marble cheesecakeIMG_2987Time to make the marble pattern
Now it’s time to make the marble pattern. This is a bit difficult to explain but I will try to do my best (and the next time I will take a picture of the procedure).

Pour the pink filling over the yellow filling little at the time IN CIRCLES.
You should be able to make at least 3, 4 circles on your cake – including one tiny circle in the middle.
Then – grab a chop stick or a flower stick and use it to make the marble patterns. Just stick it down a bit and drag it through the filling like you are writing the number eight repeatedly.

Get it?
Good. 🙂
Now you’re done.
Store in freezer.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Another guilt free dessert: Fat free chocolate cake with mango and avocado lime layers and caramel topping

Fat free chocolate cake with mango and avocado lime layers and caramel toppingFat free chocolate cake with mango and avocado lime layers and caramel topping

Raw, vegan and guilt free. No fat, no refined sugar, no wheat. Just wholesome ingredients, pure nutrition and deliciousness! 🙂 

The only added sweetener in this cake is the 4-5 tablespoons of Agave/honey in the base. The rest is fruit. Pretty awesome!


Chickpea chocolate base/layer 1 and 4
Just follow the same steps as in the recipe for fat free chickpea chocolate fudge cake. (The chia and the psyllium is optional.) The important ingredients are chickpeas, cacao, agave/honey, vanilla and salt.
Add more Agave/raw honey if you want it sweeter and add more cacao powder if you want it more “chocolaty”. In this version I also added flax seeds. Yes, it is true…
You can vary this chocolate almost to infinity. For example by adding like 1/2 dl hazelnuts (or other nut), orange juice, shredded coconut, quinoa (cooked) or a few tbsp nut butter.

Layer 2
2 avocados
2 ripe bananas
juice from 1 lime (or to taste)
4 tbsp of protein (optional – can sometimes make it less icy if you want to keep it in the freezer)

Layer 3
2 mangos
4 tbsp of protein (optional)

Layer 4
Chocolate base – again

Layer 5
Repeat the mango layer

Layer 6
Repeat the avocado lime layer – depends if you want the top to be green or yellow. You can of course also make it brown by finishing off with the chocolate layer.

Caramel topping
Just mix a few pitted dates with water, a pinch of salt and vanilla.
(Perhaps 10 dates, 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt, 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1/2 dl water. How much water you need depends on how runny or firm you want the caramel sauce.)

Here’s how
A food processor works fine for this. Except for perhaps the avocado layer which is hard to get smooth and silky with the food processors s-blade. I add another smaller blade (in a tiny cup) or my blender to make it.
Use a knife or spatula to even the layers and store in freezer while making the rest of the layers.
To add layer 4 (chocolate), add it to parchment paper and then flip it over and lay on top of the mango layer. That way it is completely even.
It tastes best right away – but you can store in freezer for a while. Add more protein if you want it less icy.

Fat free chocolate cake with mango and avocado lime layers and caramel toppingAdditional info…
I tried putting mine in the micro (my boyfriends – not mine!) on defrost for like 4,5 minutes which made the chickpeas cook a bit. Hard to imagine maybe but it was surprisingly good! 😉

Good to know
I rarely put down exact amounts of anything when I bake so I often have to guess the amounts when I share my recipes. Maybe I should not admit that..? 😉

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Best juice ever: Beet juice with ginger, lemon, orange and apple

Best juice ever beet juice Oh dear! Best juice ever. And my 8 month old son LOVED it too. 

Ingredients (serves 3)
2 small beets
1/8 lemon
a big piece of ginger (like 2,5 cm)
2 oranges
3 apples
– all organic of course

Here’s how
Peel fruit and vegetables. Chop up in pieces. Put through juicer. Done!

Enjoy! 🙂

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Peanut chutney with garlic, basil and ginger


Peanut chutneyPeanut chutney

Peanut chutneypeanut chutney

In India peanut chutney is often eaten with rise cookies, however it is good with many things. Like a topping on veggie burgers, grilled zucchinis, salads or with rise and vegetables dishes.

2 dl peanuts (salted and roasted works too if that is what you have at home. You can even change the peanuts to sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or other nuts)
1-4 red chili (preferably dried) or 0,5-1 tsp chili powder or chili flakes (amount depending on how much heat you can handle)
3 cloves of garlic (or half a yellow onion)
10 fresh leaves of basil (or dried if you don’t have fresh)
1 tbsp lime juice (lime juice or tamarind works too)
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp shredded coconut (optional – you can also add tree or four times the amount, like I do).
A few pieces of broccoli (optional)

Here’s how
Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth.
If your “dough” is too dry, just add more fluids – like a few tablespoons water, lemon juice, coconut milk, yoghurt (regular, oat, greek etc) or oil, until you get the consistency you want.

I found the inspiration for this recipe on the blog

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Spicy tomato sauce with cashews

Spicy tomato sauceaDo you think it’s fun trying new flavors?
Then try this tomato sauce.
It goes with a lot of things and is as good cold as warm.

3 dl crushed tomatoes (or 3-4 fresh tomatoes, chopped finely)
1 green chili, chopped finely (or just 1 tsp chili flakes – or to taste)
2,5 cm fresh ginger, chopped finely (put it trough your garlic press!)
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp cumin seed (spiskummin)
0,5 turmeric
1 tsp cilantro/coriander powder plus 2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped
1 dl coconut milk (or sour cream, regular cream, greek yoghurt, oat yoghurt)
0,5 tsp Garam masala
0,5 dl cashews

Here’s how
Heat up oil in a frying pan. Add cumin seeds, cilantro powder and turmeric. Don’t fry more than about a minute.
Then mix crushed tomatoes, chili and ginger in a bowl and add the mix to the frying pan. Fry until the oil is more or less on top of everything.
Add the sour cream. Fry for two minutes.
Add salt and Garam masala (and add more water if you want a thinner tomato sauce), bring to a boil and cook for another two minutes. Add the fresh cilantro and the cashews.

I found the inspiration for this recipe on the blog: (in Swedish).
Spicy tomato sauce

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