Raw vegan blueberry crumble pie

Here is a recipe for a very yummy blueberry crumble pie. It is vegan, raw, gluten- and refined sugar free. The blueberries can easily be swopped into any other berry or fruit. 

Raw vegan blueberry crumble pie Raw vegan blueberry crumble pie

Ingredients (makes one big pie – like in the picture – and one small)

Crust (made in food processor)
1/2 dl flax seeds (0,2 cup)
1,35 dl shredded coconut (0,6 cup)
1/4 dl organic hemp powder (0,1 cup)
2,7 dl cashews (1,1 cup)
15 dates (soaked for a few minutes) – or about 2 dl or 0,85 cup
1 tbs pure vanilla
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt

Blueberry sauce (made in blender)
500 gram blueberries (about 3-4 dl or xx cup) – frozen or fresh
2 tbsp Agave syrup
3 tbs chia seeds
(1 tbs vanilla – optional as it is as good without)

Top crumble crust
0,7 dl cashews
0,7 dl almonds (oats works too)
1 tbsp Agave or honey
0,5 dl shredded coconut

Raw vegan blueberry crumble pie Raw vegan blueberry crumble pie

How to
Form crust in your choice of pan or pie form and store in fridge.
Make the blueberry sauce and then set aside to thicken while you make the top crumbles.
Then pour the sauce on top of the bottom crust and then the crumbles on top. Store in fridge or freezer.

Raw vegan blueberry crumble pie Raw vegan blueberry crumble pie

 Serve with
…a simple and easy raw strawberry sauce. Just put frozen strawberries in the processor and blend.
Add a bit of water. Done!
If you want to you can also add 1 tbs of honey – but not really necessary.

Raw vegan blueberry crumble pieTips!
Would you like it hot?
Well, j
ust put it in the oven/dehydrator for a few minutes.
It is as yummy! My boyfriend actually liked it even better that way. 🙂



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