Clean Snickers cake with lingonberry/red currant ice cream

I made a heart shaped snickers bar for my boyfriend for Valentines since he loves my clean Snickers bar.
Raw, clean, vegan, sugar free, gluten free and dairy free.
And – well… so so yum!

clean vegan snickers bar clean vegan snickers bar

You will find the recipe for the snickers bar here. You can choose to make bars, cakes or bite size hearts…
… and you will find the recipe for the ice cream here. Just add lingonberries and red currant to the frozen bananas. You can also add about 1 tsp of juice from pomegranate or beet for a more intense colour.

I have made this wonderful thing lots of times. I just vary the ingredient list a little bit from time to time – for example what nuts you use and the amount of coconut and dates – and you will end up with totally different flavors.

…Like the cake in the pic to the left I did more cashews for example – and chopped the nuts fine. And for the heart shaped version the nuts in the middle layer is not chopped as fine cause I wanted a crunchy feel. I also did the chocolate ising less sweet. Both turned out great!


About The clean way

Living clean. No chemicals, doubtful additives or bad plastics. Organic and non toxic – for a good health and a sustainable environment.
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