Make healthier kale chips!

Make healthier kale chipsIf you haven’t tried kale chips it’s time to do so now. Here is an easy kale chips recipe. This is also what the raw vegan eat as their Friday chips. 🙂

Salt (sea salt, Himalayan or regular)

Here’s how
Cut the leaves from the thick stems in the middle. If the kale is not organic, wash the leaves well. Although, you should wash them even if they are organic. You don’t want to eat dirt or bugs or do ya? 😉
“Massage” the kale with your choice of oil (avocado oil, olive, coconut etcetera) making sure all of them are oily. Spread out on baking sheet (they should not be on top of 
each other) and put in the oven at about 180 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes – or so. Or – if you want them raw – at 42 degrees Celsius for about 4-6 hours.

You can season the kale chips with whatever spices you are in the mood for. Like for example cayenne pepper, pepper, chili explosion (Santa Maria), paprika, garlic powder (or fresh), chili, chapotle, curry, mexican spice mix, cajun mix etcetera. Although keeping it simple with only salt is my personal favourite.

Smart tip!
Don’t use too much salt. It will make the chips taste yucky!
And – make sure to watch the chips carefully since they burn really easily. A good advice is to start with half and once you have gotten a little bit more experience 😉 you do the rest.


About The clean way

Living clean. No chemicals, doubtful additives or bad plastics. Organic and non toxic – for a good health and a sustainable environment.
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