Raw carrot cake with cashew sunflower seed frosting and walnuts

Carrot cakeCarrot cake

Carrot cake is a favourite of mine and there are so many ways to make it.
If you are a fan of carrot cake as well, here is a raw recipe you should try. If you don’t want to use flour, just add more shredded coconut. 

3-4 medium peeled organic carrots
1 deciliter buckwheat flour (or oat flour)
1/2 deciliter coconut flour (optional)
12 dates
1 1/2 deciliter shredded coconut (putting some flakes in can be good too)
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice (nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger)
1/2-1 deciliter walnuts – chopped
1 teaspoon of vanilla powder (liquid can work too)

1 tablespoon fresh ginger
pinch of himalayan salt
I tablespoon of Agave, honey or Yacon
1/4 deciliter water + 1 tablespoon chia seeds (optional)
1/2 teaspoon of extra cinnamon

Cashew sunflower seed frosting
2 deciliter cashews, preferably soaked for about four hours
1 deciliter sunflower seeds, preferably soaked for about at least two hours
2 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
1/3 deciliter Agave syrup, raw honey or maple syrup
About 1/4 deciliter water (or as much as needed – don’t add TOO much)

Note: You can use cashews only if you like or – if you would like the cake nut free – only sunflower seeds.Raw carrot cake

How to make the cake
Cut carrots into small pieces and throw in food processor. Blend for a few seconds before you put all – but the last five – ingredients in. Pulse until the cake “dough” is of a consistency that pleases you… Stop and have a taste before you put the rest of the ingredients in. Add them or use your taste buds to adjust the amount/volume to your liking. Mix until it all sticks together and put half of it into a small spring form (about 15 centimeters or 6 inches) – since you want it to be a smaller, higher cake (or perhaps cup cakes or squares?).

I don´t have a small spring form so used a spatula to thin the dough out on a plate and then placed the bottom of the food processor on it and used a cutting knife to cut around it. Perfect shape. Make two of those since you want a mid layer (to get cake, frosting, cake, frosting).
Put the two cake layers in the fridge while making the frosting.

Once the frosting is done you put it on with a spatula. Then you put in the freezer before adding the mid cake layer. Then you just lift the second cake layer onto the cake. Remove the spring form and put the rest of the frosting on.

Decorate it the way you like it. I used walnuts on top as well as in the cake, together with pistachios and a bit of orange frosting. (I love natural coloring!)
Store in fridge.

How to make the frosting
Blend everything in a high speed blender until smooth, adding the water last (to be able better see how much you need). Place in bowl and put in fridge.
To get the orange frosting, just add some carrot juice (a juicer comes in handy).

I got the inspiration for this wonderful recipe from the awesome blog This rawsome life.

raw carrot cake


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