Ice cream – with only one ingredient

Banana ice cream

Did you know that you only need ONE ingredient to make the yummiest ice cream? It is true. I go BANANAS over this ice cream, it is SO yummy.

And it is fun to make as well. You can vary the heck out of this dessert 🙂

Organic banana(s)

Here is what you do
Freeze a banana until solid, then put it in the food processor (the S blade) or Champion juicer and mix until it gets creamy.
Scoop it up and enjoy – by it self or with the topping of your choice. (I like raw chocolate drizzle, raw berry sauce, cacao nibs, pistachio nuts, fresh or frozen berries etcetera…)

Or add an ingredient – or two – and get a completely different flavor of ice cream. (Like cacao nibs, nuts, vanilla powder, beet juice(!), almond butter, fresh fruit, berries, avocado etcetera etcetera…)

You can use brown or yellow bananas, it does not matter. There are no bad bananas in the world of ice cream.

Ingredients in the picture (except bananas)
Brown: Cacao and pistachios. Pink: Beet juice. Beige/light pink: Vanilla powder, leftover beet juice (like a drop) and pistachios. Yellow (down in the middle): Bananas only. All together: About 1 1/2 banana.


About The clean way

Living clean. No chemicals, doubtful additives or bad plastics. Organic and non toxic – for a good health and a sustainable environment.
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2 Responses to Ice cream – with only one ingredient

  1. locksleyu says:

    Wow, healthiest ice cream recipe yet, though I strictly speaking I’m not sure if it should be called ice “cream” (:

    I’m really curious to try this sometime and see how creamy it is.

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